Forbidden by Shaykh Saleh Munajjid

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Forbidden by Shaykh Saleh Munajjid The Forbidden, Issues Of Great Importance That We Underestimate

Al-Muharramat (the forbidden) are the limits of Allaah (the Mighty and Magnificent)
"These are the limits of Allaah, so do not approach them"
. Allaah has threatened whoever transgresses His limits and violates His sacraments stating (Glorified be He):
"And whoever disobeys Allaah and His messenger and transgresses His limits - He will put him into the fire to abide eternally therein, and he will have a humilating punishment."
It is obligatory to avoid al-muharramaat in view of the saying of the prophet:
"And whatever I forbade you, then avoid it and whatever I enjoined upon you, then fulfill as much of it as you able."
I ask Allaah guidance, success, and observance of His limits for myself and for my Muslim brothers. I ak Him (Glorified be He) to help us avoid al-muharramaat and protect us from sins and evil deeds, Allaah is the best protector and He is the Most Merciful (Author)
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