Islam in Andalus

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Author : Ahmad Thomson & Muhammed Ata'ur-Rahim
Islam in Andalus is the natural follow-on to For Christ's Sake (Taha Publishers, 1996), which deals principally with the history of Christianity in Europe. The main purpose of Islam in Andalus has been to explore the history of that extraordinary period during which the Muslims first flourished and then perished in the Iberian Peninsulawhich used to be called Andalus but which now comprises Spain and Portugal. It was largely due to the Muslims' presence and illumination there that the dark ages in Europe came to an end, and their influence remains with us today in a thousand ways. What took place in the Iberian Peninsula during the period between 711 and 1609 is fascinating. It witnessed great illumination and tremendous darkness. It was characterised by immense wisdom and profound ignorance. One of the meanings of Andalus in Arabic is `to become so smooth and shiny with age that it slips through your fingers' and this is the story of what happened there not once but many times.
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