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Tell Me About The Prophet Musa

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Author : Saniyasnain Khan
This book presents the life and times of the Prophet Musa, upon whom be peace, from the days of his infancy, when he was put in a box in the river Nile, to the period of his divine mission and preaching of Allah's words.It describes how Allah saved him miraculously from the death sentence of the tyrant Firawn, his upbringing in the palace, and his journey to Madyan and back when, on Mount Sinai, Allah spoke to him directly.It goes on to describe the parting of the sea and the utter defeat of Firawn and his mighty army as Prophet Musa leads his followers out of Egypt. Finally, the Children of Israel reach the Promised Land. The life of Musa is full of happenings, adventures and excitement, and has lessons and guidelines for all times. This book introduces you to the Prophet Musa and helps you to understand the meaning of his actions. Learn about his life! Discover his life from his birth to prophethood. Know the Miracles of Musa . Find out all the amazing miracles Allah performed for the benefit of Musa .Know the Prophet Musa's Mission! Discover the Message of the Prophet Musa and help others to know it. The focus throughout the book is on the spirit of the Prophet Musa's story, and on the lessons that it has for our daily lives. These exciting historical events are presented in a simple, informative style, with beautiful illustrations, so that young people may easily understand and enjoy them.


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