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Islam Channel, The Global Peace & Unity Event

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A Historic Day Memories of a historic day: The Global Peace & Unity Event 2005.

More than 25000 Muslims and non Muslims came together under one roof to celebrate the global message of peace and unity.

Motivational speakers and inspiring nasheed artists conquered the hearts of thousands making 4th December 2005 a memorable day in the history of Islamic events.

The spellbinding and mesmerising memories of ‘The Global Peace & Unity Event’ are now available on a 4 pack DVD set.

The DVDs includes the entire broadcasting of the show with additional features such as:

Behind the scenes
Islam Channel Staff in full activity towards the preparation of the grand day.

Countdown – A day just before the grand event. Where you can see the Islam channel team and artists keyed up to the final preparation. Special footage from Ahmed Bukhatirs rehearsals on Saturday.

Exclusive interviews
Bonus CD to include personalized interviews with the speakers and artists such as Imran Khan and Zain Bhikha.

Kids Stage
Exceptional footage from the small stage where young stars presented an outstanding performance.

The Grand Day
The entire electrified day including all the talks, nasheeds, performances and a crowd of 25000 people from the eyes of the camera to your TV screen.

These amazing moments are now available for you to relish and enjoy at home with your family and friends.


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