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Quran in the Haram, Qari Al Hudhaifi, Salah-tul Taraweeh

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PRODUCT CODE: 03VD07-2,03DV02-3
Quran in the Haram, Qari Al Hudhaifi, Salah-tul Taraweeh

Let this inspiring video let you not just hear but SEE Taraweeh prayers at the Kaba with Dua!

It's great to hear beautiful recitation of the Quran. But it's even more wonderful to see masses of Muslims doing the same in their prayer at Islam's holiest site, the Kaba in Makkah, Saudi Arabia!

This fantastic video shows the world renown Quranic reciter Al-Hudhaifi leading Taraweeh prayers on the last night of Ramadan in the Masjid Al-Haram at Makkah. He recites the last 27 Surahs (chapters) of the Quran on this special evening.

Hear the Quran gently echo around the holy precincts of the Kaba, the house of God built by Prophets Ibrahim and Ismail. The entire Masjid is radiant on this sacred night. And as the Quranic reciation brings tears to the eyes, so does the Dua (supplication) after prayers.

This is a great video to learn about and show to family and friends the power of prayer, the beauty of the Quran, and the holiness of Ramadan!

*Title images might be different on the Video or dvd.

WE HAVE DISCONTINUED THIS PRODUCT ON DVD because of the poor quality reported by customers. Sound Vision's UK office is supplying these DVDs however, Sound Vision USA are claiming that they did not produce this product on DVD. It's a matter for them to inquire and deal with, in the meanwhile, in the interest of our customers, we have stopped sale of this item.


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