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Dr Zakir Naik - Video Lectures and Debats

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The Qur'an and The Bible in (P-I) Video  £5.10 
The Qur'an and The Bible in (P-II) Video  £5.10 
Is Non-Vegetarian Food Permitt (Debate) Video  £5.10 
Is Non-Vegetarian Food Permit (Question & Answer) Video  £5.10 
Muhammad (PBUH) in The Various World Scriptures (Video)  £5.10 
Islam, Medical Science And Dietary Laws (Video)  £5.10 
Salah; The Programming Towards Righteousness (Video)  £5.10 
The Qur'an And Modern Science (A Lecture in Jeddah) Video  £5.10 
Al-Qur'an: Should It Be Read With Understanding? (Video)  £5.10 
Press Debate: Is religious Fundamentalism (Video)  £5.10 
Islam: The Universal Religion (Video)  £5.10 
Women's Rights in Islam (Part One) Video  £5.10 
Women's Rights in Islam (Part Two) Video  £5.10 
Islam and Secularism (Question and Answer) Video  £5.10 
Similarities Between Islam & Christianity (With Q & A) Video  £5.10 
T.V. Talks On Third Broadcasting Channel 47 (New York) Video  £5.10 
The Terrorism In The Name Of Islam (Video)  £5.10 
Moses Jesus Muhammad.3 Men 1 Mission (Video)  £5.10 
If The Label Shows Your Intent Wear It! (Video)  £5.10 
Is The Qur'an God's Word? (Part One) Video  £5.10 
Is The Qur'an God's Word? (Part Two) Video  £5.10 
Dawah Or Destruction? (A Public Lecture in Jeddah) Video  £5.10 
Legacy Of The Prophets (Video)  £5.10 
Religion In The Right Perspective (Video)  £5.10 
Symposium: Religion In The Right (P-I) Video  £5.10 
Symposium: Religion In The Right (P-II) Video  £5.10 
Universal Brotherhood (Video)  £5.10 
Was Christ Really Crucified? (Debate) (Part One) Video  £5.10 
Was Christ Really Crucified? (Questions & Answers) (Part Two) Video  £5.10 
Qur'an & Science Conflict Or Conciliation? (Part One) Video  £5.10 
Qur'an & Modern Science Conflict or Conciliation? (Part Two) Video  £5.10 
Dawah or Destruction? (A Public Lecture in Capetown) Video  £5.10 
Why The West Is Coming To Islam? (Video)  £5.10 
Concept of God In Major Religions (Video)  £5.10 
Media & Muslims (Video)  £5.10 
Terrorism & Jihad (An Islamic Perspective) Video  £5.10 
Focus On Islam & Universal Brotherhood (Video)  £5.10 
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Lectures and Talks By Dr Zakir Naik
Videos are now discontiued. So, any out of stock video will not be available later on. View full DVD collection click here
Video Lectures and Debats Available on following Topics. (specify the topic seperately in comments, when placing order)

• Al-Qur’an: Should it be read with Understanding?
• Comparative study between Islam and Hinduism presenting Islam to Hindus
• Concept of God in Major Religions
• Focus on Islam and Universal Brotherhood
• Is the Qur’an God’s Word?
• Islam - the Universal Religion
• Media and Muslim
• Muhammad (pbuh) in various World Religious Scriptures
• Qur’an and Modern Science - Conflict or Conciliation?
• Salaah - The Programming towards Righteousness
• Similarities between Islam and Christianity
• Universal Brotherhood
• What is the meaning of Fundamentalism?
• Why the West is coming to Islam?
• Women’s Rights in Islam - Modernizing or Outdated?
• Dawah or Destruction - A Public Lecture In Jeddah
• Symposium - Religion in the Right Prospective
• Islam, Medical Science And Dietary Laws
• If the label shows your intent wear it!
• Religion in the right perspective
• Moses Jesus Muhammad ... 3 Men 1 Mission (with question and answer)
• Is Non-Vegetarian food Permitted or Prohibited for a Human Being?
• Is Religious Fundamentalism a stumbling block to the Freedom of Expression?"
• The Qur’an and the Bible in the Light of Science?
• Was Christ really Crucified?

*Video Only For PAL-SECAM System


by mohammed sajid Date Added: Monday 17 December, 2007
Asslkm, I think he is doing a great job. May allah will sucsess him in his all debates.
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Raja Zulfiqar Hussain Date Added: Tuesday 06 February, 2007
Dear Dr. Zakir Naik! Assala-mo-Alikum May ALLAH bless you long and healthy life. We love you very ..
Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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salam, im interested in dr zakir naik dvds, i like to no more about islam which dvds best for me? im learning my namaz at the moment. thanks. vikki in cardiff...
vikki - 04/19/2008

For the full listing lectures by Dr Naik, please visit following link

To learn more about Namaz, please view listing of Books, CDs, DVDs on following link
could you please let me know how much i can buy the full dvd colllection of dr zakir naik for and where i can buy it from thank you.
rowaida rajani - 01/13/2008

You may add DVD titles of your choice in the shopping art and exact price will be given to you. Because of variable numbers of DVD titles, we are unable to quote price of full set, however if you are interested in many titles and prepare a list of such titles and contact our sales team and they will make a better offer for you



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