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SHAAM performing in front of nearly 3000 in their hometown of Birmingham at the Aston Event Centre on Saturday 6th December 2003, as part of the sell-out nationwide Nasheed Extravaganza 2 Concerts. A great atmosphere & performance is captured well on this CD. Features live renditions of favourites such as 'Mercy like the Rain', 'Jashne Aamede Rasool' and 'SallAllahu a'la Muhammad' (2 versions!) plus a medley of some of their spiritual Arabic songs like 'Jood Alayna'

Style of Nasheeds : Voice & Percussion / Traditional, Contemporary

Language(s) : English, Urdu & Arabic

  • Introduction By Zahid Amin
  • Mercy Like The Rain
  • SallAllahu a'la Muhammad (English/Arabic)
  • Jashne Aamede Rasool
  • Jood Alayna
  • Noor al-Ayn
  • Qulama Nadayt Yahu
  • Tala al-Badru Alayna*
  • SallAllahu a'la Muhammad (Arabic)*
  • Closing Remarks
* Featuring Al-Habib, Shaheed Alkawn, Khaleel Muhammad, Hassan Rasool, Dawud Wharnsby Ali and SamiYusuf
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