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The Giant Journey Poster

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The Giant Journey Poster

The Giant Journey poster vividly illustrates the lives and sequences of the Prophets mentioned in the Noble Quran. The image shows a pathway along which a symbol from each of the Prophets story is illustrated. With the poster being such a rich resource for discussing the lives of the Prophets, you can frame it, hang it and use it as a platform for teaching and learning about the best men to ever walk the face of the Earth.

ADAM: Paradise; tree; garden. IDRIS: Sky. NUH: Ark; flood; wave. HUD: Wind; uprooted trees; agriculture; water resources. SALIH: Buildings carved into mountains; lake. IBRAHIM: Kaabah; desert valley. ISMAIL: Zam-Zam spring; desert valley. ISHAQ: Path to Al-Aqsa. LUT: Destroyed town; rock boulders. YAKUB: Father of Yusuf. Yusuf: Prison. SHUAIB: Trees; forest. AYYUB: Baron-to-fertile field. YUNUS: Whale. Notice that the Prophets of Bani Israeel (from Musa to Eesa) are on separated area of land. MUSA: Spliting sea; stick. HARUN: Spliting sea; brother of Musa. DHUL-KIFL: Prophet of Bani-Israeel. DAWUD: Fortress; sword; father of Sulayman: SULAYMAN: Fortress; sword; ant holes. AL-YASA & ILYAS: Prophets from Bani-Israeel. ZAKARIYYA: Masjid Al Aqsa; father of Yahya. YAHYA: Masjid Al-Aqsa. EESA: Palm tree; dates; water; cousin of yahya. MUHAMMAD (SAWS): Masjid An-Nabawi; desert; palm groves


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