The Principal Imams and Their Schools by Dr Umar F Abd-Allah

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This lecture series examines the formation of Islam’s four major Sunni schools of law, while touching on the three principal Shi’a schools. Its primary focus is on the distinctive methodologies of each tradition, since many of the crucial differences between schools rested in such differences. The concept of sunna, for example, was invoked by all schools, but each held distinct views on what constituted its content and how it was to be applied. The series highlights relevant issues in academic studies relevant to Islamic law. To what extent did the formation of legal schools reflect the civil strife of Islam’s early centuries? Were the schools essentially guilds? The legacy of the principal Imams continues to be of importance to Muslims throughout the world. What role ought this heritage play in our community today? Principal Imams & Their Schools is now available as a set of 14 enhanced audio CDs including Mindmaps and class notes!

The Principal Imams and Their Schools seeks to provide basic information and some fundamental considerations, historical and otherwise, which are essential to finding authentic and meaningful answers.
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