The Sacred Trusts - Pavilion Of The Sacred Relics - Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul

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The Sacred Trust - Pavilion Of The Sacred Relics - Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul
by Hilmi Aydin

Beautiful golden colour box for book, nice gift pack.
Book contains pictures of many Muslim and Islamic sacred trusts which are kept saved in Istanbul. These pictures include

  • The Holy Mantle
  • The Honored Standard
  • First Manuscripts of Quranic Verses
  • The Letters Of Prophet Muhammad
  • The Sacred Seal
  • The sacred Strands of Hair
  • The Prophet's Footprint
  • The Sacred Sandals
  • The Bow Of the Prophet
  • The Holy Tooth
  • The staff Of Prophet Muhammad
  • The staff Of Moses
  • The Cooking Vessel Of The Prophet Abraham
  • The Turban of the Prophet Joseph
  • The Prophet John's (John the Baptist) Forearm and a Fragment Of His Skull
  • The Keys and Locks of the Kaba
  • The water Bag used during the restoration of the Tomb of the Prophet
  • Covers Of Kaba and the tomb of the prophet
  • Soil form the Grave of Prophet Muhammad
  • The Prayer Rug and Bridal Veil of Fatimah al-Zahra
  • The scarf of Aisha bint Abu Bakr
  • Sword Of The Prophet
  • Sword Of Abu bakr al-Siddiq
  • Sword Of Umar ibn al-Khattab
  • Sword Of Uthman ibn Affan
  • Sword Of Ali ibn Abu Talib
  • A Piece of a Mantle Attributed to Husayn ibn Ali
  • A Piece of Earth from Karbala
and many more things attributed to different prophets, prophet Muhammad's companions and sacred places
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